CROP Linen Fabric Sample Set


Nicely sized fabric swatches of both the Flax and the Stone linen fabrics that we use to make the CROP Linen product range. You will also receive a discount code at the exact value of the samples which you can use on your next order.



Judging the colour and texture of textiles from a computer screen can be challenging. More so if you are trying to choose a new item that needs to fit into an existing setting to a satisfactory degree.

All sample cards will be marked with the batch numbers for each sample because linen colour is affected by the conditions during the flax growing season. Batches from different years can have slightly different colours. If you decide to go ahead with a purchase and you use the discount code included with the sample set, the samples will not have cost you anything. Of course, the code is valid across our online shop’s five departments, in case something else takes your fancy instead.

Belgian Linen certification logo

The fabric samples are made with 100% European linen. They carry the Masters of Linen® mark, a sign of excellence for linen made entirely in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric. The Belgian Linen™ Certificate of Origin guarantees the fabric really has been woven in Belgium and has passed severe quality tests.