hand screen-printed infinity scarves

modern fashion accessories crafted traditionally

Raw Material

Rare and luxurious 100% Belgian linen Gauze. Every scarf is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity that identifies the origin of the flax, how it was made and who made it.

Hand Drawn Design

Meticulously laboured over for hours upon hours, each and every large scale design is drawn my hand.

Hand Dyed

Many of our scarves are dyed by hand before being printed. We dye in small lots of 4 scarves to ensure a perfectly even colour. In pursuit of this, whilst in the dye bath, we manipulate the fabric constantly by hand for 90 minutes.

Screen Printed

Two of us, screen print the fabrics “a lá lyonnaise”, meaning manually passing the squeegee back and forth across the screen, moving repeat by repeat along the fabric.

Our Designs