About Us

Our workshop is nestled in the centre of a special region of Europe where the weather conditions are perfect for growing the best flax in the world.

At Atelier Kathryn Sanderson, we value craft, material, technique and process. Every single item is made with attention to detail. Years of dedication and experience result in exceptional finish, good design and thoughtful products. As a workshop, we specialise in hand dyeing, hand screen printing, construction and patterns for fashion and fashion accessories.

We love what we do … it is evident in all the things we make.


We use Certified Belgian Linen™ woven in Belgium and French linen harvested and woven in France. The mills we source our linen from are within driving distance. 80% of the worldwide flax for fibre production is grown between Caen and Amsterdam. 27% in our region, Pas-de-Calais. Quite a few of these flax fields are around our village.


Kathryn Sanderson designs all the textile products produced in the Atelier. She creates the surface repeat designs using hand drawings that take an astounding number of hours to draw. She develops the colour formulas for both the screen printing inks we use and the fabric dyes. She designs the sewing patterns for every bag we produce. The photography, web design and production process design is a collaboration between Kathryn & Aris.

Yardage Printing

We screen print on Certified Belgian Linen™ in the Atelier. We use water based screen printing ink because of its excellent colour fastness to light and because it softens nicely after a short period of use.

Fabric Dyeing

The majority of our coloured linen arrives from the mill dyed. For the Moebi scarves, however, we could not resist but develop custom colours for short print runs. For that process we use reactive dyes to develop the colours and we dye the fabric by hand in small batches right here, in the Atelier.

Cutting & Sewing

We have industrial sewing machines, very sharp scissors and we mean business. We cut and sew all our products in the Atelier and offcuts are collected for use in special projects.We make every single item deliberately and carefully treating the linen with the respect it deserves. Our quality control is brutal and we do not hesitate to remake items just to correct alignment errors.