Caring for your linen items

Linen can be laundered with confidence and by caring for your linens thoughtfully, they will live long and age beautifully.

It is important that you select an appropriate washing agent. Many detergents contain additives such as optical brighteners that work very well on white linens but can discolour coloured linens. We recommend that you check that your detergent does not contain a whitening agent. If unsure, you can use soap flakes. If you have hard water with a high lime content, we recommend that you use a softener. Please also unfold your linen items completely before washing.

  • Hand wash at a maximum temperature of 40º C. Spin dry to remove excess liquid if desired.
  • Gentle machine at a maximum temperature of 40º C . MOEBI scarves must be machine washed alone in a laundry bag.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not wring.
  • Line dry. In regions with strong sunlight, we recommend drying linen items with the wrong side receiving direct sunlight.
  • Normally we would recommend that you do not tumble dry linen items but with care they can be partially tumble dried on medium. It is important that your linen items are not over-dried. Happily, you will find that damp linen is ideal for pressing out crumples and creases.
  • Press on the reverse side with a medium iron with steam, a spray atomiser filled with distilled water or press whilst damp. If you need to press the right side or the front of the fabric for any reason, use a piece of light cotton between the iron and the item. This will prevent shiny spots that can sometimes occur due to pressure and heat.

Please note that certain clothes can damage our products. Denim jeans are a good example of this. The dye from the jeans can rub off and transfer to our items. This damage will be permanent and cannot be removed from the fabric. Please keep this in mind when wearing and/or using our linen products. Please remember that once the item is in your care, you are responsible for what happens to it.