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Machine Washing 

The simplest and best way to wash a MOEBI scarf is to use a lingerie bag or a pillow slip that has been securely fastened with a knot, ribbon or string. 

Wash at a maximum temperature of 40ºC. Use a mild detergent for clothing and be sure not to use any bleaching agents or optical brighteners. Refrain from using oxygen bleaches or other commercial stain removers. Do not bleach.

Do not add detergent directly to the fabric. If you have a stain or discoloration, do not apply any heat at all and please consult our linen stain guide for treatment. 

If you don’t have a lingerie bag or pillow case, hand wash at a temperature no higher than 40ºC. Do not excessively rub the print while wet to prevent scuffing it. Do not wring, rather gently squeeze the water from the scarf. 


Dry the scarf flat in the shade, this is best for longevity and will also result in fewer wrinkles. Do not dry in full sun, especially if you live in a warm climate.


Press when damp or spritz with water before pressing. Use the cotton setting and iron on the back of the scarf. Or, use a pressing cloth on the printed side.

Here are a few common questions to make sure we have all bases covered:

Will the scarf shrink when I first wash it?
No it won’t. We pre-shrink all of our fabrics before printing.

Can I wash the scarf in cold water?
Yes, follow the same instructions as above but wash in cold water.

Can I put the scarf in the tumble dryer?
We generally advise against using a tumble dryer for MOEBI products due to the nature of the gauze.  

Do I need to iron linen?
No, not if you prefer the characteristic wrinkle of the ‘linen look’ 

How do I store my scarf?
You can store it folded or bunched in a draw. You can press it and hang it over a bar. It has no special storage requirements. Just keep pests out of your wardrobe and don’t allow animals to sleep on it, they can easily damage the item. 

Can I use starch on the scarf?
Yes you can. If you would like a crisp, voluminous piece of cloth, then you can use starch during ironing. 

How can I make my scarf softer?
The pure Belgian Linen™ gauze that we use to make MOEBI scarves will dramatically soften with use. However, in the interim, you can use some fabric softener in the rinse cycle to give it a softer handle.

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