A New Service

People know us primarily for making luxury home products from Belgian and French linen. But over the years, we have been working hard, developing our skills as bespoke shirt makers. With our excellent pattern drafting skills and well noted construction skills, we have decided to offer bespoke shirts as a service. For now it will be a local service for our surrounding areas. But, we hope to change that in the near future. So if you’re reading this from afar, don’t be disappointed just yet! 

We can produce bespoke shirts for any size and shape and any style of shirt. From business shirts to wedding shirts to casual linen shirts to over-shirts. Along with an extensive range of Italian cotton fabrics, we will also offer our own printed and unprinted Belgian linen fabrics to choose from. As with all new ventures, we are nervous with excitement. But more importantly, we are looking forward to bringing exceptional fit and uber style to our local sartorialists. 

We’re working on a dedicated service page on our site, but in the meantime, if you have any questions please send us an email at

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