CROP Linen Custom Tablecloth


Our tablecloths have mitered corners and 5 cm wide hems. We prepare your custom tablecloth in the fabric colour of your choice and to the finished width and length dimensions you provide.



The nobility of this ancient fibre is no better illustrated than as a custom tablecloth of Belgian linen. It is an elegant table dressing and provides a luxurious natural backdrop to a setting of flowers, wood, metal, earthenware, porcelain and ceramic.

Our CROP Linen fabric is super-wide. We can make tablecloths up to a rare 274 cm wide. And, any length is possible. All tables vary in size and shape. For this reason, Kathryn makes all tablecloths to a custom size. So, go ahead and order a tablecloth designed especially for your table.

To determine the finished length and width of your custom tablecloth

Download our helpful printable PDF with step by step instructions for measuring your table or follow these instructions:

Measure your table

Using a measuring tape, measure the length of your tabletop and record the result on a piece of paper.
Measure the width of your tabletop and record the result.

Determine the drop

Once you measure your table top, contemplate how long you want the sides of the tablecloth to drop down.

We recommend the following technique to determine the drop:
Firstly, measure the vertical distance between the table top and the top of the seat of your chairs.
Then, delete 2 cm from the result. This is your drop measurement.

Calculate the finished length and width

To calculate the finished width: add 2 times the drop to the table top width.
To calculate the finished length: add 2 times the drop to the table top length.

You can read more about measuring your table in our guide here.

If you would like to purchase a tablecloth for a round table, please contact us to help you with the dimensions.

Please allow between 10 to 14 working days for your custom tablecloth to be shipped. You can read more about why it takes this long to make your tablecloth here.

Belgian Linen certification logo

We make our tablecloths from 100% European linen. They carry the Masters of Linen® mark, a sign of excellence for linen made entirely in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric. We issue a Belgian Linen™ Certificate of Origin with every single tablecloth. This certificate guarantees that the fabric was woven in Belgium and has passed severe quality tests.