CROP Linen Azuma Bread Basket


The azuma is a Japanese bag known as Azuma Bukuro. It is an ingenious construction made from a two identical pieces of cloth to create a lined bag which is completely reversible.



The azuma’s roots are in the beautiful simplicity of the furoshiki cloth but designed to be slightly more user friendly. You simply fill it with bread and using the two ears, tie it off and carry it to the table.

When you set it on the table and open it, its ears flop down, creating a linen nest for your freshly cut bread or steaming bread rolls to nestle within.

Belgian Linen certification logo

This azuma is made with 100% European linen. It carries the Masters of Linen® mark, a sign of excellence for linen made entirely in Europe, from field to yarn to fabric. The Belgian Linen™ Certificate of Origin guarantees the fabric really has been woven in Belgium and has passed severe quality tests.