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This is a bold and expressive illustration of the prehistoric wonder, the Australian Telopea, aka Waratah.

This infinity scarf is made from 100% Belgian linen gauze and has been masterfully hand dyed and hand screen printed before being precisely sewn in our atelier.

Dimensions vary slightly from lot to lot. When cutting, we don’t cut the scarves to a particular size. To produce as little waste as possible, we use the entire width of the fabric. Whether an item was dyed and printed or just printed will determine the final width of the fabric and therefore the scarf. This method results in a tiny amount of waste which we use for other projects in the atelier. We do not discard a single piece of fabric.



Expertly hand dyed

and screenprinted

Luscious texture and beautiful detail

Raw Material

Rare and luxurious 100% Belgian linen Gauze. Every scarf is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity that identifies the origin of the flax, how it was made and who made it.

Hand Drawn Design

Meticulously laboured over for hours upon hours, each and every large scale design is drawn by hand.

Hand Dyed

Many of our scarves are dyed by hand before being printed. We dye in small lots of 4 scarves to ensure a perfectly even colour. In pursuit of this, whilst in the dye bath, we manipulate the fabric constantly by hand for 90 minutes.

Screen Printed

Two of us, screen print the fabrics “a lá lyonnaise”, meaning manually passing the squeegee back and forth across the screen, moving repeat by repeat along the fabric.

Designed and made in our atelier in Northern France

A land traditionally devoted to textiles and the art and craft of flax and linen

When I was a girl, I saw the woodcut titled ‘Waratahs’ (1925) made by arguably one of Australia’s greatest artists, Margaret Preston. It left such a vibrant and stately impression on me that it remained core to my idea of art and expression. Despite my admiration for realism, I found her treatment of planes, contrast and abstract shading exciting. This design pays tribute to Margaret and her truly exceptional way of seeing.