Cucina Rustica Kitchen Towel


This kitchen towel is soft, big & beautiful

It will become your most valued sidekick and ally as you toil and trouble in the kitchen

Made from 100% French washed linen, harvested in Normandy and woven in Nord. From fibre to finished towel, made entirely in Northern France

100 cm x 52 cm



Humble, durable and underrated, the kitchen towel is

an unceremoniously used tool. We expect it to absorb

all types of spills, to protect our hands when we move

something hot and when we use it to wipe dishes it

must dry them well without leaving a trace of lint.

And naturally, it absolutely must look and feel great.

Every towel has a 100% linen hanger,

an exposed selvedge on both sides

and a generous roll hem on both ends

Extra length perks: It is perfect to act as an impromptu tablecloth

for two. When you wear the towel over your shoulder it will not

fall easily. You can pick up wide trays without needing two towels.

It gives you more drying area

Exudes strong rustic vibes in five luscious colours